Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Reflection of Who I Am!

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When I was a child I used to hate myself for whatever reason,
I don't know!
Everything is so complicated.
I get angry for no reason and
I feel like I’m going crazy.
It hurts so much that I feel like I’m getting sea sick.
My head hurts so much that I start to tear.
I was becoming a slave of my temper.
I thought that I was loosing myself, loosing my identity.
I keep on asking myself lots of questions.
But, there's no clear answer.
Is it because, I'm always longing for something and nothing happens
Or, I'm lacking something that others have?
What a fool I am!
What a waste of time envying to things
that I didn't notice in the past that I have.
And now, I realized how important life is,
I found peace in Gods hand.
God came to me with love.
He made me realize my importance and gave me courage.
He lifted me up and HE said "You'll going to be okay.”

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